Medium-sized languages and globalization





This project analyzes medium-sized language communities (MLC) in the western world in order to carry out a comparative research on the sociolinguistic effects of globalization into this sort of societies, that is, (1) the debates and discourses on this subject, and especially (2) a) the policies that are implemented  both to spread out the competence in international languages, and, b) to protect their historical or own languages. To sum up, the goal is to know which sociolinguistic changes are taking place in the western world, and  which is the direction of both  language policies and collective ideologies within the frame of the current shift of the world linguistic order.



Our research tries to explore, from a theoretical-practical and comparative perspective, the possibility of building a socio-political organization, that both make feasible the plurilingualism among the population, and the normal maintenance of the local languages ( in its everyday use and in its intergenerational language transmission). In other words: the goal is to find out  the general conditions that would make possible altogether the intercommunication of the whole humanity, on the one hand, and the secure maintenance and growth of particular languages of each human group, on the other hand.


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